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My name is Nicole Beveridge, I'm a lifestyle & wedding photographer based in North Devon UK. I’m 28 years old and live with my husband Matt, our 2 year old son Bruce and our two big dogs, Moby and Chloe.

From a young age, I have always loved being creative. Growing up, my Dad had an old Canon camera that took stunning photos. I remember being taken aback at how beautiful they were; you just can't beat the quality a good camera produces - the images are magical!

In my teens, I would pinch my Dad's camera and do photo shoots with all my friends. I absolutely loved it but what I loved even more, was discovering the world of editing, post photo shoot. I was slightly obsessed with learning all about how to take photos to a whole new level using different adjustments and editing techniques, I found this so much fun.

I went on to use photography throughout all my school projects and onwards into college, where I gathered work experience with a number of high profile photographers and enrolled on various courses.

I didn't seriously pick up a camera again until the first Covid Lockdown here in the UK. I decided it was time to invest in my passion by buying my dream camera and rekindling my love for photography. 

Before I knew it (and with the power of the internet) I started getting booked, and I couldn't be more pleased that people liked my work.

I've now really come to develop a signature style that I love to create time and time again. Timeless, un-posed, natural, filmesque photos with soft earthy tones and colour palettes. I love nothing more than capturing genuine emotions from people throughout my work - authentic real moments set my soul on fire.

I like to think of myself as a really laidback, approachable person and many of my clients tell me I have a calming energy so there's no need to feel anxious in front of the camera, I’ll always put you at ease. During a wedding day I always aim to be discreet but will also happily, and easily, converse with your guests and always do so with a smile.

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